Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part X – Hotel Christie

The hotel Christie is a 4-star hotel located in the New Town at Vladislavova street. The building of the hotel Christie used to be headquarters of one popular Czech commercial TV and later it was transformed into the hotel. I did not really intended to visit the hotel Christie in the beginning, but because I had an hour and half to spare, I added it to the hotel reviews series. There will not be any pictures, as it was already dark when I came to the hotel, and my camera is not very good without good light. The hotel staff told me not to use the pictures from the hotel website, if I was going to write anything bad about the hotel.

As I downgraded hotels from 5 stars to 4 stars in my previous reviews, it is fair to tell the Christie hotel does not reach the 4-star rating. It easily reaches the standards of 3-star hotel in my point of view.

When I made the appointment, I was approached with the same attitude like at the Alchymist Grand or the Charles Mostecka street hotel (reviews yet to come). Nobody expects a lot of business from a small transportation guy with a bit of experience in accommodation arrangements… Thus I happened to be guided by a doorman. He did a good job, however he only showed me around. I was not told anything extra, unless I asked specific question.

The rooms, I was shown, were very used. The hotel is clean, but everything seems to be worn out. Parts of the wall paint were gone, some walls were damaged by number of hits by guests, who were dragging their bags around. Trust me,  the number was not small. Like if nobody cared about the wall paint, since the first time it was painted. The same feeling I had in the rooms. Old towels, furniture that could be modern back in 90’s, very odd bed linens and sofas’ upholstery.

The hotel Christie website looks good at the first sight. It has a simple and easy to use “availability check” and a booking form. The pictures on the website show the hotel in much better light than what I have seen myself. Unfortunately some of the pictures in the photo gallery are super old. You can even find pictures of rooms still equipped with CRT TV’s. I just hope that they do not use these anymore. There are several typos on the website (Just a statement, my writings are not flawless too :D).

The hotel does not offer any extra services apart from laundry, sightseeing arrangements and taxi services. There is however large conference area and restaurant which may be a plus point for business travelers. The restaurant was completely empty, when I was at the hotel Christie. The bellboy told me it was open for public and it was unusually empty. I think, it is not that popular, there are many better looking and more inviting restaurants all around in the neighborhood.

What I like about the hotel: conference area, number of rooms considering the location, the location rating of the Christie hotel is rated 8.1 out of 322 votes (honestly it surprised me, I was expecting lower rating), the tripadvisor rating is 69% ranked 265 out of 670 hotels.

If you are looking for accommodation in Prague, I am sure you can find better value in the same location. If you disagree with me, please feel free to comment below or post on my Facebook.

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