Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part VIII – Hotel Yasmin

Entrance of the Design Hotel Yasmin - Politickych Veznu street

Entrance of the Design Hotel Yasmin – Politickych Veznu street

Hotel Yasmin is located near the Wenceslas Square. In fact it is connected to the Square via the shopping passage. Thus literally the Design Hotel Yasmin is as located as the previously reviewed hotel Jalta. However the area is less busy with nightlife and traffic. The hotel is 4-star and offers accommodation in unique original designed rooms.

The lobby of the hotel looks very fancy and also a bit crazy. The number of different colors and shiny design features may not be sympathetic to some guests, but for me it was great. There are plenty of seats, the lobby is large with a few private corners and one feels privacy even when going to the reception desk to check-in. My guide at the hotel Yasmin was Mrs. Lenka Darázs – Senior Sales Manager. Mrs. Darázs’ approach was exactly what you expect from a person, who is dedicated to her job. She was professional first of all, but also very friendly, informative and even personal. I should make this clear. She was personal in the meaning that she really cared, why I actually came to the hotel, what was my job and my background. The most managers I dealt with, were not really interested (and I do not blame them), because I do not work for any big companies. But when someone cares, it is necessary to appreciate it.

We started the tour of the Yasmin hotel by walking through the lobby bar towards the Noodles restaurant. Even the restaurant is tailor made and originally designed. I did not mention any part of the furbishing or decorations in the hotel that would be standard. Everything is custom made, which gives the Yasmin hotel the unique look and feel. The restaurant was occupied by tourists as well as regular Prague residents. Prices are very reasonable considering it is a hotel restaurant.

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In the summer it is possible to sit outside in the inner courtyard, which changes into a summer terrace. It has a similar concept as the summer terrace at the Iron Gate hotel, but naturally the Yasmin summer terrace is much more modern. This is especially appreciated by Czech people, who work in office buildings in the hotel neighbourhood.

The hotel has a few conference areas as it is used a lot for conferences and business meetings. I was not able to see them, because there were ongoing meetings. It is possible to see the pictures at the Yasmin hotel website. Speaking of the website it is modern, shiny and very accurate. What you see, is what you get.

There are 196 rooms available at the hotel Yasmin. All equipped with nowadays standard 4-star features such as: free wifi, safety box, LCD satellite TV, air condition, bath cosmetics, coffee and tea making facility, water, minibar etc. Some of the hotel rooms allow smoking. Most of the rooms face the inner quiet courtyard. As I mentioned above, the hotel furniture and design is unique and custom made, which allows much more space efficiency. There is nothing I could really complain about. Maybe the black & white design of the bathroom did not follow the light and harmonic hotel design, but for me it was not a problem.

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In addition to above mentioned services the hotel offers 24/7 reception, laundry service, and there is a gym, sauna and underground parking. Coaches can stop in front of the hotel for limited time. Parking in public areas is almost impossible like in the rest of the Prague 1 district.

The hotel Yasmin is rated 8.5 out of 10 based on 211 reviews on the; it has rating 86% and rank 143 out of 670 hotels on the; the rate the Yasmin design hotel 4.3 out of 5 based on 129 votes.

What I liked about the hotel: unique extravagant design, room space efficiency, option to park indoor, reasonable restaurant, excellent staff approach.

The hotel does not have any contracted limousine service or transfer company. Feel free to book our airport transfers to/from the hotel Yasmin.

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