Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part VI – Hotel Thalia

The Hotel Thalia is located on much busier place than all the hotels I have visited so far. I was a little bit concerned about the regular traffic noise in the hotel rooms. Surprisingly it is not noisy at all. Unfortunately there are other things I disliked.

Thalia Hotel

The Eurostars Thalia Hotel claims to be a five star hotel. As you can read on the hotel website: “The Eurostars Thalia opens up a universe of luxury, elegance, design and class so that for the time you spend in the Czech capital it becomes an oasis of peace and quiet.”

Well I do not agree. The Thalia Hotel is definitely not a five star hotel. It can easily be compared to 4-star hotels, but that is the best it can get to.

Let me start the review with the review of the hotel website. At the first sight it looks relatively nice. I do not think, it is elegant or well designed. But for a regular internet user it is easy to use. The English and Czech version is full of mistakes however. I can not judge the other languages as I do not speak them. As far as I know, the owners are Spanish, thus probably the Spanish version will be the correct one. The CZ and EN language versions seem to be translated by the Google translator.

The pictures presented on the website are correct and accurate. Of course there are some extras on the photos (flowers, champagne), but that is acceptable.

When you enter the lobby, you are welcomed by a doorman and staff at the reception. I missed the smiles, which I expect at a 5-star hotel. The staff was professional though.

The entry hall is very empty, there are not many seats to sit down at, but I found a free arm chair. When I was waiting for the sales manager – Mr. Jungwirth, I mentioned that a small part of the ceiling was falling apart.

The adjacent Bistro Restaurant looks much better than the hotel lobby. There are wooden shelves in a library-like style, comfortable sofas and intimate atmosphere. It is a very pleasant part of the hotel and it is a shame that the lobby does not provide the same warm welcome.

copyright @ Thalia Hotel; comfortable arm chairs and book shelves in the Bistro Restaurant

copyright @ Thalia Hotel; comfortable arm chairs and book shelves in the Bistro Restaurant

I was shown the standard double room as well as the attic junior suite. The rooms are nice, well designed and quite spacious. There is satellite LCD TV, wifi, safety box, robes, free cosmetics and aircondition in every room. Something you do not find in all hotels is telephone in the bathroom, which I found a good safety issue. Some of the rooms have very nice views. The bathrooms and bed linens are very nicely designed and look expensive. Another good point for the hotel is the available car park – naturally at extra charge.

Copyright @ Thalia; The bathroom

Copyright @ Thalia; The bathroom

One thing I really disliked about the hotel Thalia is the carpet in most of the halls. It looked very worn out and also dirty.

Copyright @ Thalia

Copyright @ Thalia

Copyright @ Thalia

Copyright @ Thalia

The Thalia presents itself as a music hotel for music lovers. I did not get the idea anywhere.

The gym is very simple, there are only a few machines and there is not enough space for a workout. Considering the number of rooms (125 rooms in total), there is space for maximum 2 persons in the gym in my opinion. The hotel lacks other services e.g. sauna, spa or hairdresser. That is another reason why I definitely do not agree with 5-star rating.

The Thalia Hotel is rated 8.5 on the, on the tripadvisor it has rating 84% and rank 155 out of 670 hotels, rate the Thalia hotel 4.3 out of 5 points.

What I liked about the hotel: the library restaurant, attic rooms, the top-floor views, bathrooms, telephones in bathrooms, bed linens, reception desk (not the lobby), business and meeting rooms, car park available.

If you do not agree or found the review useful, please leave a comment below. You can also join my Facebook page. Do not forget about the airport taxi to/from the hotel Thalia available at Martin’s airport transfers website!

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