Time is money

Today did not start well. I was woken up by a phone call. Client called me from the airport that she could not find a driver. How could she found him, when he was fast asleep? Yes, I did not hear the alarm and over slept. I rushed around as fast as I could, but the car was not in perfect shape, I was not in perfect shape and I arrived 15 minutes late for the pick up :-((. Fortunately I live close to the Prague airport, otherwise I do not know, what would happen. The client did not ask for any discount and was happy that we reached the destination (bus station in town) in time. I felt bad to accept the full cost of the airport taxi – 28 Euro – and discounted the price of the Prague airport transfer to 20 Euro. I do not think that saved the day, but at least it made a smile on the client’s face. I learned another time that time is money…

I know that everybody makes mistake, but these kind of mistakes should not happen to a professional.

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