Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part V – Iron Gate Hotel and Suites

The visit of the hotel Old Town Square is past and so is the review. It is time to move on towards the Iron Gate Hotel in Michalska street. I had couple of minutes to stroll around the Old Town Square, so I took some pictures and had another cinnamon latte at the Starbucks.

Iron Gate Hotel & Suites

Iron Gate Hotel & Suites

I was really looking forward to visiting the Iron Gate Hotel and Suites. In the era, when booking accommodation was my main business, I counted the Iron Gate hotel among the top hotels in Prague. The hotel went through recent reconstruction and rooms are newly designed and decorated. I remember Iron Gate as a hotel with unique disposition (the hotel is situated in a very old building, all rooms are differently laid out and furbished with the antique furniture). But let us start from the beginning of my visit.

I was welcomed by the receptionist, who seated me to a comfortable antique sofa, where I was supposed to wait for my guide – the hotel sales manager Tereza Masinova – she appeared almost as soon as I sat down. Very professional, welcoming and informative. As I mentioned earlier the approach of the hotel management reflects the hotel quality. Tereza did 5-star job.

When you walk around the hotel you feel the history all around you. The building dates back to 14th century. Once you enter the hotel corridors, romantic courtyard or start climbing up the hotel tower-like staircases, you get transferred to a different time age. As far as I remember the hotel used to be furbished with unique antique furniture everywhere. Now you can only encounter some of the pieces in the public areas and the rooms are furbished in modern way with custom made furniture.

The Iron Gate hotel website presents the hotel in much worse way than the actual look. I would prefer shiny polished photoshopped pictures to what is currently available. Have a look yourself at the Iron Gate hotel photo gallery. Do not miss the right menu – there is a navigation menu on the right side of the page, where you can select which part of the gallery you wish to see. I am not a professional photographer, but excuse me, this is simply not a 5-star presentation. It gives the same impression as the graffiti at the entrance (Honza <3).

Even I can do better pictures than the Iron Gate hotel photographer. I do not use photoshop. The gallery shows my own pictures of the Black Star Residence *** (feel free to use the pictures as long as you link back to the source or

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I will try to update the review with the hotel up-to-date photos.

EDIT #1: Photos on the website are actually the updated ones. I thought they were provisional. I got permission to use them on the website, you can now see all the rooms in the gallery below:

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The hotel rooms are beautiful and spacious. Some of the rooms have two floors, which I really liked. I do not mind the modern furniture and design. The colors are carefully selected and amplify the effect of warm home-like feeling. As I learned some of the returning guests complain about the missing antique furniture. Somehow like the hotel lost part of the soul. I personally liked what I saw.

Iron gate hotel does not offer any special amenities and services. There is a nice café in the courtyard, which is used as a breakfast room and it is possible to get coffee or drink during the day. They also serve salads and some lighter food. In summer the terrace changes into a quiet oasis of peace right in the heart of the Old Town.

The hotel is rated 8.5 on the out of 122 reviews, it has ranking 87%, ranked #137 of 670 on the tripadvisor, 4.4 points out of 5 achieved on the

The best to book the Iron Gate hotel is to do it directly. You can get better room, better rate or free upgrades, if you book directly. Email reservation manager Tereza Masinova at

What I liked about the hotel: staff; entrance and lobby; courtyard; the touch of history everywhere in the hotel; spacious super clean rooms; modern decent design of the rooms, location.

Do not forget that I am able to provide comfortable airport transfer from/to the Iron Gate hotel or transfers to Budapest, Berlin or e.g. Nuremberg!

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