Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part IV – Old Town Square hotel

Another 5-star hotel on my to-visit list was the Old Town Square hotel Prague. The hotel management was a little hard to reach, which was understandable, the hotel is not too big and the sales manager had meetings through the whole day. As the manager of the Old Town Square hotel works for the Emblem hotel too (I did not know they were connected when I chose the hotels to review), Zuzana Selova from the Emblem hotel was assigned to do the Old Town Square hotel tour.

2 minutes walk away from the Emblem hotel, right at the Old Town Square and corner of Zelezna street is the hotel simply named the Old Town Square Hotel.

Old Town Square hotel

Ms. Selova admitted that her home hotel is the Emblem and that she was not yet very familiar with the Old Town Square hotel. We were welcomed by a kind, smiling, smartly dressed receptionist and not as much smiling bellboy. The receptionist took us in person on the tour of the hotel. Most of the 10 rooms were available as it is off-season, thus I was even taken to the Executive Suite with Balcony.

The only hotel room at the Old Town Square that has a balcony facing the Square

The only hotel room at the Old Town Square that has a balcony facing the Square

As I said previously the hotel was rated as 5-star hotel. In my opinion the first impression you get is not 5-star. The hotel is formed out of 2 adjacent buildings – the grey building is the “House of the Golden Unicorn” and the green building is the “U Lazara” (funny as it translates as “At the Sick Man”). Both buildings are listed at the UNESCO heritage list of monuments. The reception area is very small and does not make you feel like at 5-star hotel. However you may want to forgive some details when you are in such an old building.


The hotel offers accommodation in 10 relatively large rooms. The hotel website displays the rooms in more attractive way, than what it feels like, when you are there in person. But overall the photographs correspond to the reality. There are some typos on the hotel website (I do not really care, I just mentioned them and was surprised to find them on a 5-star hotel presentation).

I dislike the design of the bathrooms, but it is according to my personal taste, I am sure many visitors will love them. The bathrooms are clean and warm, equipped with all what is advertised by the Old Town Square hotel (walk in shower, bath tub, two sinks, bidet, cosmetics, towels etc). Rooms are furbished with modern furniture. I did not feel that the design of the rooms matched what I would expect in such a location and UNESCO protected building. Also some of the pieces looked like randomly placed and not fitting the layout of the rooms/hotel.

Junior Suite at the Old Town Square hotel

What makes the hotel 5-star is definitely the location and size of the rooms. The rooms are above average size and it is possible to merge multiple rooms into one living space. That is ideal for groups of friends, families or weddings. The hotel is ideal for wedding stay not only because of the connectable rooms, but also because the Old Town Hall is literally a stone-throw away. All rooms have views of the Old Town Hall. What I also liked about the rooms is the height of the ceilings.

Old Town Square hotel is rather a five stars residence where you are not supposed to expect a lot of extra services. The rooms furbishing and sizes are 5-star, location is one of the best. Standard services e.g. Prague airport taxi, tours, concert tickets and restaurant bookings are arranged at the reception desk. There is no restaurant, spa, gym or a car park. The hotel is also not regularly accessible by a car, the pedestrian zone of the Old Town Square is only accessible with special permit or for wedding transportation.

The hotel is rated 8.6 on the (out of 122 reviews), Ranked #128 of 671 hotels on the tripadvisor and 4.4 out of 5 (based on 80 ratings).

What I liked about the hotel:
The location, the professional receptionist, the historical building, the fact that there are some apartments in the hotel occupied by regular house residents, the view from the balcony and the room with the balcony, the way they can connect the rooms to one living area.

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