Martin’s independent hotel reviews Part III – Emblem Hotel Prague

After visit of the hotel Charles Bridge Palace I had enough time to visit the Marianske namesti and take a few pictures. The hotel Emblem, which was my next destination, is just around the corner.

Lifestyle Hotel Emblem Prague

my own photo of the hotel entry

The first interesting thing you mention when you enter the hotel is that you can not find any reception desk. You however get instant attention of the bell boy or maid upon entry. I felt very welcome and I was seated to the adjusting cozy livingroom-like area. I was offered a coffee or water to get myself warmed up during the waiting for the hotel sales manager. I rejected as I did not expect her to be taking long. I rather chose to look around from where I was seated. The hotel lobby (let us call it this way, even though it really does not fit the name) is very cozy. The selection of materials, colors, lighting and design truly match the “lifestyle” characteristic. All the staff matches the patterns. Everybody follows some kind of a dress-code for his/her position.

The manager showed up almost as fast as I was seated (not that I would not expect that). Professional, kind and with a beautiful welcoming smile she approached me. I was informed that there are not many printed materials to share with me, which was good news after I forgot my cards home. Marketing is mainly done online.

I was taken on a magnificent tour of the hotel. Zuzana’s approach was only matched by a few other managers in hotels I had yet to visit: Mr. Korta from the Aria hotel, Mrs. Kovacikova at Esplanade, Ms. Masinova at the Iron gate and Mrs. Darasz at the Yasmin Design hotel Prague. The other visits did match the standards I expected at 4-stars and 5-stars hotels, but the above mentioned sales managers just do outstanding job. One exception was The Big Boot hotel which does not try to appear like 5-star hotel, yet it can be easily compared with those I have visited, and I was guided in a friendly style.

I believe that there is a great part of reflection between the hotel staff and the quality of the accommodation and services provided.

The hotel Emblem is outstanding. We started the tour at the George’s Prime steak house which is a part of the hotel and as I learned is already number 3 out of 2713 restaurants on the tripadvisor. It would be strange, if I was not impressed. The important fact I found out is that the George’s Prime steak house is operated by an independent company. Selection of wines from California and France, premium steak meat from the 3% world’s best beef, extreme cleanliness and stylish rooms are enough warranty of quality and enjoyable experience.

photo provided by the Emblem Hotel, do not use without their permission!

photo provided by the Emblem Hotel, do not use without their permission!

After the brief tour of the George’s Prime Steak House I visited the underground area. There is a invitation-only fumoir which I could not access. But I was told that the owner of the hotel uses it for his personal friends, VIP’s etc. It is also the only smoking place in the hotel. Outside the fumoir, you can not smell anything but nice odors which are present everywhere in the hotel building.

There other rooms available to visit in the underground area. Mainly small-business-meeting-like areas. The hotel also established a private club for designers, architects and other people that may be interested in working together on bigger projects or to share ideas and new approaches.

Copyright by the Emblem Hotel, do not use without the Hotel Emblem permission

Copyright by the Emblem Hotel, do not use without the Hotel Emblem permission

Now it is time to see the rooms. The unique suites where not accessible as they were occupied by guests. I was informed that there are three suites of unique designs. Some of the pictures are available on the hotel Emblem website. I was presented regular room. Well – regular at the Emblem hotel I should add. The design and used materials are the same as the hotel. Simply outstanding. Pictures shown are very accurate copy of the reality.

The spa of the hotel is located on the top floor and offers massages, small gym, jacuzzi, sauna, relax room, terrace (closed in winter) and of course great views of Prague.

The hotel Emblem is direct competitor to the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental or the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. In my opinion it will play a big role in 5-star hotel business. On the tripadvisor the hotel is rated number 24 of 671, on the it has the rating 9.1 and rates it 4.5 out of 5, but based only on 17 reviews at the moment.

What I liked about the hotel:
There was nothing I could fail. I really liked the idea of checking-in at the home-like area, the personal approach and always smiling personnel, stylish design, great materials and colors.

The hotel uses their own limousine service, but if you want to save a bit on a travel from the Prague airport to the hotel, yet still enjoy Mercedes Benz and BMW quality, feel free to book at We will be happy to drive you to the hotel Emblem Prague from other cities e.g. Vienna or Passau, simply visit

If you want to get the best rate and best rooms, make sure to contact the hotel staff directly. You can email Zuzana Šelová or

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