First bad impression of the Alchymist ***** Grand hotel and Spa

I spent whole Tuesday arranging meetings in hotels for Thursday and Friday. Everybody was happy to welcome me and to present me the hotel / hotels. Everybody apart from the manager of the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. Unfortunately as I am running only a small firm oriented on taxi transfers, I may not offer a lot of potential for them and thus I am not worth the manager’s time. She arranged me a meeting with the bellboys who will show me around. Well I understand that 7000 happy customers in a year is not a lot, but does really Alchymist Grand hotel and spa accommodate that many throughout a year? And if yes through how many booking agents? I am really looking forward to my tomorrow and Friday visits of Prague hotels. It is promising to bring some good stuff to write about…

2 thoughts on “First bad impression of the Alchymist ***** Grand hotel and Spa

    • My work is all kind of stuff. I do transportation mainly. Transfers, taxi and private hire for fixed prices basically. We provide services in Prague, from/to Prague as well as between other countries and cities. However the post which referred to the Alchymist is connected with other business and that is accommodation arrangements. I time to time arrange or recommend hotels to my friends / guests, sometimes even passengers who for some reason need accommodation in Prague. Before I recommend a hotel, I need to see it, thus I know, what I am recommending. The manager from the Hotel Alchymist proved that sometimes you get judged by other people too quickly. I think that if I recommended even 1 guest it would be worth the 20 minutes I needed to spend with the sales manager. Anyways what kind of sales manager sends potential client/cooperative away?!? By the way the hotel is super super super expensive.

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