Efficient overtaking

On the way from Passau to Prague I used the dashboard camera GOCLEVER to record a short video about efficient and inefficient overtaking. It does not matter if you drive for living or if you are just a regular or occasional driver. The only thing that matters, is staying alive. Part of staying alive while driving, is to drive safely.

The video was recorded on the dashboard of my BMW and shows a Hyundai SUV overtaking a bus and then me overtaking the same bus on the same road. If you count the amount of time the Hyundai spent in the left lane (exposing itself to upcoming traffic), you will come to nearly 10! seconds. I managed to overtake the bus within 5 seconds just by following simple rules of overtaking. I could do the maneuver even faster, but considering the traffic situation, it was not necessary and I could save some diesel and RPM’s. I spent only half of the time in the left lane.  Unfortunately situations like this are seen daily and often cause close calls or even accidents.

A few tips how to overtake efficiently:

  1. Maintain distance from the vehicle you are going to overtake
  2. Start acceleration in time. Timely acceleration will provide you the higher speed at the moment of switching lanes, thus you will minimize the time in other direction lane. It needs a bit of practice. There is a big difference if your initial speed at the moment of overtaking is the same as the speed of the vehicle you are overtaking or if you are driving 20 – 40 km/h faster.
  3. Always make sure not to endanger the oncoming traffic, yourself or the vehicle you are going to overtake.
  4. Use indicators; other drivers will understand your intention to overtake and will not block you accidentally.
  5. Make sure that you are not being overtaken by someone else, before you switch lanes. Keep checking all mirrors at all times. There can always be someone faster. A fancy sport car or a motorbike is often a threat.
  6. Remember that there can also be someone driving over the speed limit in the other direction. Count with that and be prepared to terminate the overtaking maneuver, slow down and return to your lane.

Watch the demonstration video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99gQPn6D5TE

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Maybe you came for more entertaining overtaking videos, watch the Michael Schumacher best of and join me with prayers for his recovery.

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