Cesky Krumlov – South Bohemian jewel – the perfect stop

I promise that this is my last post about possibility to visit Cesky Krumlov, but this time we will have a closer look on integrating Cesky Krumlov into many travel plans, not only a single scenic drive or a day trip. Cesky Krumlov is a town located in the South Bohemia. The distances to all major destinations nearby are following (data taken from the Google maps):

  • Vienna – 255 Km, travel time 3 hours (most comfortable route via Linz)
  • Budapest – 500 Km, travel time 5 hours (same as above)
  • Salzburg – 220 Km, travel time 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Prague – 170 Km, travel time 2 hours
  • Munich – 300 Km, 3 hours 20 minutes
  • Passau – 120 Km, 2 hours
  • Vilshofen – 140 Km, 2 hours 10 minutes

If you travel to the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov should be one of the “must-sees” on your travel plan. So whether you are planning to do a day trip to Cesky Krumlov or simply want to make a stop on the way between Prague and any of the cities on the above list, we are able to provide the necessary transportation.

For whom is the Cesky Krumlov ideal stop? The town is a bit hilly and demands plenty of walking. There are many cobbled stone streets, steep stairs and narrow paths which may not be appreciated by poor walkers or disabled people. If you do not like or can not walk well, it is better to stop in Linz, Ceske Budejovice or Pisek instead. However if you like hiking and do not mind climbing a few stairs and hills, you will enjoy the visit. The famous Cesky Krumlov castle / chateau is located on the hill over looking the river and the major part of the historical center. Even further up the hill is the summer theater, the beautiful castle garden and the famous baroque theater. There is only one other similar theater in the world, it is located in Upsala in Sweden. That would be about 20 hours drive from Cesky Krumlov; not the perfect alternative.

Stopping in Cesky Krumlov is always a good option. It splits the trip into two relatively short journeys (only the drive from Budapest is more demanding; it is recommended to do the trip via Vienna and Cesky Krumlov together to maximize the time efficiency). It feels then like you do not waste half of the day just sitting in the car and watching the scenery go by. Some of the travelers who has done one of the suggested tours in the past claim: “Martin, thank you very much for recommending to stop in Cesky Krumlov on our way to Vilshofen. It was a great experience and excellent split of the journey. The comfortable BMW and friendly driver Patrik made the tour even more enjoyable. The river cruise we took from Vilshofen to Budapest was great too. We will be happy to recommend the scenic transfer to our friends. Thank you! Claire (Perth, Australia)”

We call the trip from A to B via Cesky Krumlov a scenic drive, scenic transfer or panoramic transfer. Should you be interested in more details about prices and booking options, please visit the European scenic transfers. We are able to provide transfers with stop in Cesky Krumlov between Prague and all the cities above. If you do not want to seek any other website for information, feel free to call me (Martin) 00420 775 744 447 (011420 775 744 447 from US and Canada).

Tip: have a look at some photos of Cesky Krumlov at the Tripadvisor

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