Tipping (in private transportation)

Tip – also known as gratuity charge – is often a subject of questioning during the transportation booking process. E.g. in the US tips are usually included in the price of the service and the driver gets the tip as a bonus to his wage. We at HFS s.r.o. Taxi & Transfers Prague do not find such an approach honest nor professional. The price of the transportation includes VAT 21%, diesel, driver’s wage, car rental, but not the tip. We leave it completely up to the customers, whether they want or nor want to tip the driver. Some nationalities e.g. Australians do not find it normal to tip and we do not wish to force anyone to feel uncomfortable with our services.

How much is a common tip? How do you tip the driver?

Usual tip is about 10% of the total amount charged. E.g. transfer from Prague to Passau costs 190 Euro, appropriate tip is about 20 Euro. Tip is supposed to be paid cash to the driver. Driver is never supposed to seek or ask for the tip. It is not recommended to tip less than 5% of the total amount. If customer gives tip to the driver which is less than 5% off the total cost, the driver will feel uncomfortable. It does not really show the customer was happy with the service. If you do not want to spend extra money for tips, it is really better not to tip at all and just say a nice word instead. It will be surely more satisfying than getting a few coins of no value. On the other hand it is not common to tip more than 20%, even when you are super-satisfied. However there is no limit for tip of course. If you decide to tip more than 20%, the driver is supposed to show that the tip is too generous and let you re-think the amount.

If you do not tip, it is not bad.

Tipping is voluntary and it should not be a duty to tip the driver. You are paying the price of the service and tips are just extras for the driver. By tipping you give the driver proof that he has done his job perfectly. You should not tip the driver, if you are not satisfied with his service, driving or cleanliness/condition of the car. Also do not tip if the driver asks or seeks for the tips.


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