Go Clever DVR Full HD Pro

dashboard camera review Quick glance at the dashboard camera Go Clever PRO FULL HD

I have been using the video camera Go Clever Pro FULL HD (next only camera) for about 2 weeks. I decided to write a short brief summary of the con’s and pro’s of the device; and some of my experiences.

The camera itself looks pretty good. It is small, light and comes with a window mount, charger, cable and a nice bag, which unfortunately does not seem big enough for it. The first trouble I experienced was the mounting to the windshield. Unless I realized that I can actually mount it in two different ways, I could not get the direct horizontal view. The camera holds well and straight and makes no sound during the driving. There are no vibrations nor anything else that would disturb the driver during drive.

I bought the camera to record what is going on in front of the car in case of accident. I wanted a device that can record all the area in HD during day and night. I got what I wanted. I bought the camera at Mall.cz for 2700 CZK (roughly 108 Eur).

So far I have experienced following issues:

  1. on start sometimes the camera does not recognize the Memory Card and I have to touch the card, restart the camera and it works
  2. you have to have the display open to keep the camera working. It is not too bad as you can turn the LCD over and close it, while it does not turn the camera off
  3. battery does not last very long without the power cord and having the cord up is a bit annoying.
  4. the sound is not recorded properly so I use it without the sound recording
  5. when using motion detection at night, the camera sometimes does not recognize that I already started to drive. I switched the motion detection off.

The videos coming from the camera are good and clear. The vision at night is sufficient to see the road and all lit areas. Sometimes it is not possible to read the plate numbers of the cars in front of you, which may be a trouble in case of eventual accident and run away. Hopefully this will not be my case.

Overall I am satisfied with the camera, but I was expecting more utility and less trouble with everyday usage.

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