New Mercedes Benz Vito Minibuses

On the 7th November 2012 we got two brand new Mercedes Benz Vito Minibuses. Years of experience with the Mercedes Benz have proved the vehicles to be reliable, comfortable and most importantly the most popular with our passengers.

The newest models have following passengers’ features: 8 passengers black leather seats, black-tinted windows that provide privacy and improved temperature control, two zone air conditioning, radio with USB and MP3 player, two side sliding doors for better safety when getting out of the vehicle on the left side of the street, extra large luggage space, naturally non smoking restrictions (some may find this disadvantage, but for majority it is advantage), adjustable seats for better sleeping comfort on longer travels, three points seatbelts, fully insured interior including the seats as well as the baggage space.

Our drivers are going to enjoy 2.2 liter diesel 120 kW engine with over 160 horsepower, cruise control, 6 gear manual gearbox, rear wheel drive, independent front and rear air conditioning, ECO start/stop mode (diesel saving feature, providing less emissions and better mileage) .

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